March 21, 2013

February thru March 17, 2013 - Abacos

This timeframe was very busy for us with social events and a visit from CT friends.  Below are highlights….

RMHYC Changing of the Guard

The first February event was the annual RMHYC meeting where the “changing of the guard” took place this year…..a new Commodore and Bridge (Board).  Following the meeting, there was a pasta dinner with over 100 members and guests.  The sailboats raised flags in honor of the new Commodore.IMG_0297

Visit from CT Friends

On February 14, Doreen and Frank from CT visited us for nine days, staying in the Abaco Beach Resort Hotel.  The resort offers a discount to RMHYC guests.  Below are the highlights of their visit……

IMG_0236Views from their Room IMG_0231

We rented a car for two days, which was a treat for us to see parts of the Abaco Island for the first time.  Driving on the opposite side of the road was interesting!  The first day, we drove to the most northern part of the Island, Crown Haven.  We had lunch at the Beach Restaurant on Treasure Cay.


The next day, we drove to the most southern point of the Island, Sandy Point.  We stopped at Crossing Rocks beach, which is known for an abundance of sea glass.    We enjoyed lunch at Pete’s Pub in Little Harbour.  Notice we are dressed for cold weather.


Frank took a half-day bone-fishing trip.  The next day we took a cruise on Duetto to Hope Town.


We all attended the Commodore’s Ball.  The theme was “Rat Pack”.


A couple of days were spent by the pool at the Resort….


Off-Shore Fishing

We went on our first off-shore fishing trip with Jim and Kathy Fenn on Fennders.  Since we don’t fish, this was quite an experience for us to see what is involved.  However, we don’t think we will get invited again because we didn’t get one bite on any of the many lines, which was a first for the Fenn’s in four or five years…..


Bocce Tournament

John played Bocce twice a week and developed a program to keep track of results.  Results were posted on the RMHYC website.  At the end of the season, semi-final and final playoffs were held, which included Rum punch and popcorn for the audience.   Unfortunately, Brian ran out of rum and had to use the prizes (two bottles of rum) for the punch.  The winners were presented with empty bottles.


Art and Craft Exhibit

Approximately 40 RMHYC members displayed their many talents at the Club’s fourth annual Art and Craft Exhibit held at Abaco Beach Resort on March 7.  One member has taught water-color painting to any member who was interested for the past two seasons.  Many beginning painters produced pictures which look as if they were painted by professionals.  The exhibit brings out all of the talented members in the Club!  We displayed Diane’s pine needle baskets and our sea glass jewelry.  Even though we haven’t had much time to work on either this year, Diane did create a couple of baskets….



After the show we had a Turkey dinner at Angler’s Restaurant with 88 members and guests.

Margarita Madness Party

Our final event of the season was a beach party at the Abaco Beach Resort on March 12.  This was our only open-bar event.   It was a typical hotdog/hamburger beach party with games, music and lots of food and drinks.  The event was open to members and guests and is typically our largest event of the season; this year 190 people attended.  The party ended with a bonfire and s’mores….and a beautiful sunset sky.


Barefoot Man Concert at Nippers

On March 15 we attended our third Barefoot man concert at Nippers Bar on Great Guana Cay.  We stayed at Orchid Bay Marina, which is walking distance to Nippers.  The concert was entertaining, especially watching the crowds.  The next day, we had a potluck St. Patrick’s Day dinner at the Marina with about 30 RMHYC members and guests.


End of 2012-13 Season

It is hard to believe that this season is ending.  This was a very different year for us.  Our social responsibilities offered many opportunities…..getting to know many more RMHYC members and the Abaco Beach Resort staff, working with many different personalities, getting more organization around events resulting in happier members and learning more about our club’s new website for supporting social events.  Ghee, it sounds like we have come out of retirement.  All in all, it was a very satisfying season!

The weather has also been very different this year.  December and January were very warm and humid.  February and March were cooler and windy with more rain.  That would be an average of about 75 day/60 night degrees and about five rainy days across the two months.